Our Story

Welcome to The Foldie - where innovation meets travel convenience. Born from a blend of Belgian ingenuity and global ambition, we are a brother-sister duo dedicated to transforming how the world travels, one foldable bag at a time.

Our Journey

Three years ago, we embarked on a mission fueled by a shared passion for travel and a vision to solve a common problem faced by travelers worldwide: how to pack smart and travel light without compromising on style or functionality. This quest led us to create The Foldie, a brand that stands at the intersection of design, durability, and innovation.

Our foldable travel bags are more than just a product; they are a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection. By weaving together customer feedback with our vision, we've continuously refined our bags to meet the ever-evolving needs of travelers. Today, The Foldie isn't just a bag; it's a travel companion that promises ease, efficiency, and elegance.

Our Mission

At The Foldie, we're not just selling bags; we're redefining travel norms. Our mission is to inject innovation into the travel industry, making every journey smoother and more enjoyable. With a focus on sustainability, functionality, and style, we aim to bring something new to the table - products that travelers don't just need but love.

Our Vision

As we stand on the precipice of global expansion, our vision is clear - to become a household name in travel essentials worldwide. With over 500,000 units sold and counting, we are rapidly advancing towards becoming a global brand that symbolizes quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Our Future

Looking ahead, we're excited about extending our range of products beyond foldable travel bags. Imagine a world where everything you pack is designed with the same ethos of foldability, quality, and innovation. That's the future we're building towards.

Join Our Journey

As we continue to grow and expand our horizons, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or planning your next adventure, The Foldie is here to make your travels easy, efficient, and enjoyable. Together, let's redefine the way the world travels.